Atari Jaguar Community

What is this little slice of the web?
It is a page dedicated to the Atari Jaguar. Started December 16, 2003, this site is designed to be a community based site.

It houses links to other Jag sites, a newsletter, freelance development projects, information about the jaguar, documentation, as well as other information that the casual jaguar fan or hardcore developer may find of interest.

This site strives to produce and present origional material, and unique items that you will hopefully find of use. All scans, screenshots, documentation, and development projects are from unless otherwise noted. If you contribute to the JHQ you will be given due credit.

Site Features
Forums - This is still being debated, there are a few great Jaguar forums out there on the web, and they will be linked in the forums section until it is decided whether or not we will have a forum setup as well.

Newsletter - A quarterly newsletter is in progress. It will contain interviews with developers, reviews of games, general Jag info, and other items. It will be in text format, and available both here and via email.

Open Development - JHQ will host your game demos and binaries. If you have a development project you would like here, E-Mail Chris, with a rundown of your project, and we can host it here for you.

Documentation - We will host origional documentation, as well as information and papers on everything from collecting to development and/or casual gaming.

The Staff
Christopher Hobbs - Site Owner/Webmaster. General Maintenance
Clint Thompson - Rare Hardware, Scans/Screenshots.

Special Thanks
A special note is due to the following people. Thank you very much for all of the help!

  • Jimmy of for webspace and technical help.
  • Clint Thompson, author of JagCube for all of the Jag information, information about unusual/rare Jag items, and MAJOR scan/screenshot contributions.

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