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  New Project Tempest Release Jaguar News    

Project Tempest:
Project Tempest v0.9 has been released. This update includes the return of the GUI, a few bug fixes, and the beginning of CD support. Visit Project Tempest for downloads. More information in our online games section.

  Posted by: Christopher 01/17/2004    

  Japanese Jaguar Mailing List Jaguar News    
  A new mailing list for Japanese Jag fans was created by 'FOJY' today. He announced it on the AtariAge Jaguar forum.

The Mailing List:

The Thread at AtariAge:

  Posted by: Christopher 01/14/2004    

  Brett Hull Hockey now available! Jaguar News    
  It just started shipping Friday (01/09/04). You can get it from B&C ComputerVisions. The direct link is here. You won't want to miss this game!    
  Posted by: Christopher 01/12/2004    

  Virtual Jaguar CVS Jag Emulation News    
  The Virtual Jaguar Windows binaries are now available nightly via CVS. Virtual Jaguar runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS-X. Check them out! You can download the latest builds off their site.    
  Posted by: Christopher 01/08/2004    

  K-A Aircars Screenshots Site News    
  Some new pictures were added to the Screenshots section. Walter White gave us permission to add some of his screenshots of K-A Aircars in a network game. Thanks Walter!    
  Posted by: Christopher 01/04/2004    

  BJL CD & VR Rumors Jaguar News    
Mike Hill from HillSoftware has just released a new version of his BJL Loader CD. The CD has encryption built in, so there is no need for a bypass cart. You can find an image of the CD loader here in the Development Project or directly from HillSoftware

VR Rumors
I have been in correspondance with a 'The Lynxer'. Rumor has it that the JagVR display at E3 was staged. See our Unusual Items section (under JagVR) for more information. If you know anything about this incident, please contact us!

  Posted by: Christopher 01/03/2004    

  Minor Updates Site News    
  New sponsor added: I-C
Content gathered for newsletter.
New BJL Loader CD uploaded.
New Misc. Link Added: Retro-Experience
  Posted by: Christopher 01/03/2004    

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